FIFe RUSSIAN BLUE CATTERY is established in 2009 aiming to contribute development of the Russian blue cat breed in the SEE region and even further, felinology education and responsible breeding and keeping/housing of these noble animals.

I got my first Russian blue in 2008. I chose this breed because my life style wasn’t suitable for having a dog. Besides her wonderful look, I was, also, attracted by her characteristics like loyalty, independence, attachment to the family members, playfulness and vividness. I decided to buy a cat with the pedigree because I wanted to be sure that it is the Russian blue as well as that she is healthy – without any genetically transmitted illnesses or faults. The guarantees of her quality were the successes of her parents on the International cat exhibitions.    

Then, I’ve completely fallen in love with this breed and decided to enlarge my feline family and to facilitate the others to enjoy her charming beautiful characteristics. Currently, my family counts four of us, me and my three adorable cats that have notable success on International cat exhibitions.

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